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Cadet Lance Corporal COURTNEY POWDRILL

Royal Humane Society’s Testimonial on Vellum

Cadet Lance Corporal COURTNEY POWDRIL
Cadet Lance Corporal COURTNEY POWDRILL

Courtney POWDRILL was at home when she heard a disturbance outside. She looked through a crack in the curtains and saw a group of six youths stab a boy in the left calf and in the back using a large kitchen knife and a machete. Courtney opened her front door and the attackers ran off leaving the boy on the public footpath outside her door. She told her mother to call the emergency services. Courtney went to the boy and found a severely bleeding wound to his left calf just below his knee joint. She immediately applied pressure to the wound and raised the boy’s leg above the heart. A noisy group formed around her but when she asked for help no one offered. Courtney shouted to her mother to bring something to stop the bleeding. Her mother gave her a tea towel to stem the bleeding, and then she checked the emergency services had been called. The boy told her that he had also been stabbed in the back. Courtney checked and found a wound to his back on the left side, and cuts to his right hand and nose. At this point one of the crowd removed a large knife from the boy’s waist and wrapped it in a t-shirt and then drove off in a vehicle. The boy then became very anxious about not being able to breath. Courtney released his coat slightly and told the bystanders to move back. The boy then said his neck was hurting. Another woman came forward and Courtney asked her to support the boy’s neck. The injury to his back was being supported by his padded tight-fitting jacket and was acting as a bandage so Courtney did not move him. When the ambulance arrived Courtney gave the crew as much detail as she could. The boy’s coat was removed and his back wound began to bleed heavily. Once the ambulance crew had stabilised the bleed the boy was taken to hospital with multiple stab wounds, including spinal injuries. Police said that Courtney had done an excellent job.

For her actions that day Cadet Lance Corporal Courtney POWDRILL was awarded the Royal Humane Society’s Testimonial on Vellum.