Royal Humane Society

Making a Nomination

Do you know someone who has put his or her life at risk to save, or attempt to save, another person, or someone who has carried out a successful resuscitation?

Do you know someone who has saved a life by timely first aid, such as stopping arterial bleeding?

Anyone can make a nomination to us and we would like to hear from you, whether you work for the emergency services or are a member of the public. After we have received your nomination, the committee will decide, at its next quarterly Awards Committee Meeting, which level of award should be made.

For a nomination to be considered at the quarterly meetings, it should be received no later than 4 weeks before the meeting date. Nominations received after this time will be considered at the following Awards Committee Meeting.


Award Committee Date                        Closing Date for Nominations


11 Apr 2019                                                        14 Mar 2019

11 Jul 2019                                                          13 Jun 2019

10 Oct 2019                                                         12 Sep 2019

23 Jan 2020                                                          20 Dec 2019


  • To nominate someone for an award please download and complete a nomination form.
  • The form is available as a Microsoft Word document.
  • The form can either be e-mailed to us as an attachment or completed and sent by regular mail.

E-mailed forms should be sent to:

Forms can be posted to :

The Royal Humane Society
50/51 Temple Chambers
3/7 Temple Avenue
London EC4Y 0HP

Need help?

You can also contact us by email, letter or phone to request a nomination form and guidelines.

Phone: 020 7936 2942