Royal Humane Society

Replacement of Awards

Certificates (pre-2006)

We cannot create a duplicate of an award document because no copies of the originals were kept. However, we can prepare a ‘Certificate of Past Award’, which will look very similar to the original. Click Here to see an example certificate. It is A4 size, signed by the current secretary of the Society, and stamped with the impress of the Society.


You will need to provide the following information so that we can produce the certificate:

  • The date of the committee meeting at which the award was approved.
  • The name of the RHS President at the time
  • The chairman of the committee meeting
  • The type of award given
  • The name of the awardee
  • The date of the incident
  • The location of the incident
  • A general description of the incident (ideally transcribed from the case book)
  • The RHS case number


See ‘Researching the Society’s Archive’  for details of how this information can be obtained.


Please note information from other sources (eg newspapers) cannot be used as supporting data as the certificates must be produced from the original information in the Society’s records.


When you have all the above information this can then be sent to us, together with the fee for producing the certificate. The cost of the certificate including postage is £20 (UK & Europe) and £25 (worldwide). Payment can be made by using the donation button on the Society’s website.


Certificates (post 2006)

From this date the Society has electronic records of the original certificates. These can be reissued – the only difference is that the certificates will be signed by the current secretary, chairman and president. The certificate will be marked ‘duplicate’



The Society is not normally able to issue replacement medals as the medals were redesigned in 2000 and the earlier dies for striking medals are no longer available. If the lost medal was issued after 2000 then an application should be made to the secretary describing the circumstances of the loss. In such cases replacements would normally only be issued to next of kin or close relatives. If issued, the replacement medal would be marked ‘duplicate’.